Music From The Unrealized Film Script, Dusk At Cubist Castle - The Olivia Tremor Control (America)

Label:Flydaddy Records
Highlights:The Opera House
Jumping Fences
Define A Transparent Dream
Can You Come Down With Us
Green Typewriters
Dusk At Cubist Castle

Rating: 8.5/10

Dusk At Cubist Castle is a modern psychedelic classic but whether that is a good thing or not depends on your own personal preferences. Armed with a full kitchen sink production, The Olivia Tremor Control bravely yet successfully update the sounds of the classic psyche era (66-69) for a contemporary audience. However, the band?s strength lies not in their ability to create weird and out there sounds but in their ability to write good songs. And if that?s not all, they can actually sing and harmonise, which is a huge plus. The Olivia Tremor Control also score bonus points by remaining faithful to their inspirations by recording on four track and by not using any annoying drum machines and samples. Dusk At Cubist Castle is a fully fledged musically equivalent of an acid trip that alternates between Beatlesque pop songs and early Floydian studio jams whilst containing the same sense of psychedelic anticipation that made Nuggets such a great compilation. Whilst things get pretty weird during the second half of the album, Dusk At Cubist Castle still is a successful and enjoyable journey.

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